Are you tired of what to do instead of gambling? I know how you feel because I felt the same way. I was in the same place you are now, just starting out in life, unsure of what to do next. After spending many years in Vegas, I finally had enough and decided not to gamble anymore. Here’s what I did instead of gambling all those years.

Get a job. There is no reason why you can’t have a job during the year. Why do people live in casinos all their lives? Because they have money stashed away somewhere. A job can help you to have some of that money stashed away safely and ready to go when the opportunity presents itself. Don’t live your life working for the free money; work for a living.

Save some of your income. If you are earning a lot of money, why waste it? You can put some of that money into saving so that you have some left over each month when you do get paid. This way, you will have more money to gamble with.

Avoid as much stress as possible. This may mean not having as much fun at home with your family. Spend some time away from the home or work to avoid the anxiety that often accompanies gambling.

Get help. If you are serious about quitting gambling, talk to your local addiction center. They can offer you counseling, or you can find a therapist that specializes in addiction and quit gambling. The important thing is to get some help. The longer you are gambling, the more money you are putting toward creating a harder habit.

Go to meetings regularly. Join a live poker league. If you love playing in a game with like minded people, you will be able to keep your poker face and keep going. You may even meet someone new!

Join a charity organization. There are many different options available to you. Some charities work with children, and others focus on certain causes. Find one that fits your interests and make a difference in the world around you.

Once you learn what to do instead of gambling, you can take your gambling habits towards a more positive direction. Make sure that if you do participate in live gaming, you treat it seriously. Don’t blow your money on cards, and try to learn when to walk away.

Only play when you have some sort of stake to lose. Most likely, when you are in live, you are in for the long haul. You will win some and lose some. If you have the proper expectations, you won’t let this affect you. Be wise about your actions, but don’t let them affect you too negatively.

Bet responsibly. This means that you shouldn’t participate in online or offline gambling if you are looking to lose a great deal of money. While the temptation can be great when it comes to gambling, you don’t want to end up losing everything. There are always better ways to spend your time. Be smart about it, and stay away from those addictions.

Watch TV shows and movies. If you watch live television, see what is on the television program that you want to see. If you are a movie buff, make a decision not to miss what is happening on the screen. Don’t fall into the trap of watching something because you think that it might be a good one. You can find all kinds of shows on various networks, and you can always change channels as the need arises.

Avoid becoming emotionally involved with gambling. Gambling can be very addictive. If you become too attached to your gambling debts, you may start to lose sight of real life issues. The more financially vulnerable you feel, the closer you may feel to having a serious financial crisis.

Use common sense to make gambling decisions. Avoid those situations where you feel as if your finances or your life could rely on a bet. Live for today and stop worrying about tomorrow. It is all about living for today.

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